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Colours of CBN
If you are looking for happy memories, big smiles and the most Colourful Day you’ll Ever Have

Colour Run 2017, is a collaborative endeavour between CBN students, teachers and parents with the surrounding community in its efforts to instil a healthy lifestyle as well as being a donation drive.

The purpose of sourcing funds is in support of increasing number of activities for our students to excel in their academic and co-curricular as well as to maintain and upgrade the school facilities for the betterment of our students.  The school, in her 118 years, requires an annual flow of funds to maintain and preserve her infrastructure and gothic heritage buildings.  

 It is also hoped that this event will create a stronger bond between all parties concerned in line with the strategies in the Malaysian Education Blueprint 2015-2025. This fundraiser Run is a continuation of a systematically planned curricular and co-curricular activities to enhance students’ excellence and to bring the school to greater heights.

The Colour Run will be a channel to mould individual with desired virtue and integrity is our ultimate aim in building a dynamic and harmonious schooling environment. So in some respects, by running for a charity, you get something back in return, in the form of a fitter, healthier and more active you, not forgetting the strengthening of unity and kinship among the students and participating community.

Our objective is to promote a culture of physical fitness in students and at the same time to make the public aware of the dire needs of the school in maintaining and upgrading the facilities for the students. The Run also aims to create a sense of togetherness between CBNERS, alumni members, parents and the public to come together to aid the school in her endeavour as she lives up to her school motto: Simple In Virtue, Steadfast In Duty.

Every kilometre you run and every ringgit you give will mean that a student’s need has been taken care of.

The Colour Run will be held at the Taman Botani, Kuala Lumpur on the 23rd July 2017 (Sunday) as early as 7.00am.  The route is a 4km run around the scenic and bountiful natural landscape around Kuala Lumpur’s oldest and most prestigious park. The fee to register for the Run is RM60 per person.  Participants will receive a finisher certificate and goody bag when completing the Run. You can also contact the school at 03 20780559 for more information.