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A group of nuns,’The Sisters of the Holy Infant Jesus’, who were Mother St. Andre, St. Sabine and Sr. Madeline arrived from Singapore with the intention of starting a school for children at a certain location at Jalan Ampang (which is now situated at the front of the current school). The school started with the total number of 7 male students and 5 female students.

The school was shifted to Brickfields as the total number of students increased to 80. Esq. Goh Ah Gee bought over Victoria Hotel in Brickfields to be used as the new school block.

Student population grew to 114. Subjects taught were Essay Writing, Sewing, Physical Education, Music and Art.

A Music test was conducted and Health Education was taught as a new subject. The textbooks used were provided by the British colonial government in then Malaya.

Rev. Mother St Augustine became Headmistress.

The first Cambridge class to take the Junior Cambridge examinations. Miss Dottie and Miss Chew Lian were the first students of the school to pass the exams.

Due to the occurrence of frequent floods in the area, the school was moved to the current location ie Bukit Nanas. A new building was built in the English Gothic style by government architects Mr. Huxley and Mr. Kesteven to support the school’s ever-growing amount of enrollment. Rev. Mother Augustine died and the role of Headmistress was assumed by Rev Mother Tarcisius. The new building and location were officially opened by Mr. E.L. Brockman, who was the Chief Secretary of the Federated Malay States.

The hall and chapel was built.

Rev. Mother Adele became Headmistress.

The Form 3 block was completed.

The first Malaysian teacher, Miss Sobreen was hired. She was the daughter of philanthropist Loke Chow Kit.

The school curriculum increased with addition of subjects such as English language, Literature, Geometry, Algebra, Bible Knowledge and French.

During WWII, Malaya fell to the hands of the Japanese Occupation. Eventhough school was often interrupted, all the buildings were left intact and unharmed.

After the Japanese Occupation, Rev. Mother Adele returned CBN to its original stae with the help of the British Military Administration(BMA).

The Nazareth Building, formerly the house of the Chief Justice was obtained from the Government.

Rev Mother Pauline became Headmistress. She introduced Physical Education to the school. Students were then allowed to wear bloomers during PE classes.

Science classes were introduced.

Rev Mother Xavier became Headmistress. The Art hall and the laboratories were built. Economics classes were introduced.

The Primary school and Secondary school were separated.

Form 6 classes began.

The Form 4 block was built.

Rev Mother Aidan became Headmistress. The Four Houses were founded. They took the names of the current and previous Headmistress. They are Aidan(Red), Pauline(Blue), Adele(Yellow) and Xavier(Green).

Rev Mother St. Brede became Headmistress.

Students were required to join and be active in extra-curriculur activities.

The school PTA was established.

Mrs. Chee Phui Lay became the school’s first Principal. The Counselling Program was started by Sr. Anne.

Mrs. Indrani Manuel became Principal. The school office was shifted to the Upper Secondary Region.

All studies were conducted in the Malay Language henceforth.

The Facade’ was painted to commemorate the school’s 85th anniversary.

Mrs. Indrani Manuel retired. Mrs. Vimala Matthews replaced her as Principal.

The School Band was founded. Mrs. Vimala Matthews retired. Mrs. Alice George became Principal. The school, both primary and secondary celebrated the 100th anniversary of CBN.

Mrs. Alice George retired. Mrs. Ann Khoo became the principal.

Mrs Ann Khoo retired. Mrs Mysterical Ros Fernandez became the principal.

Mrs Mysterical Ros Fernandez retired. Mrs Nirmala SS Nathan became the principal.